Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché: An Unforgettable Experience in Yucatán

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the beauty and history of the Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché in Yucatán? In this comprehensive guide, we will show you everything you need to know to make the most of your visit to this incredible tourist destination.

Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché
The Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché are two stunning cenotes located within the ancient Hacienda Mucuyché in the state of Yucatán, Mexico. These cenotes, named Cenote Carlota and Cenote Azul, are famous for their crystal-clear waters and breathtaking natural surroundings. The Hacienda Mucuyché dates back to the 17th century and has been recently restored to offer visitors a unique experience in the region.

What to Do at the Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché?

At the Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché, there are several activities to enjoy, such as swimming in the refreshing waters of the cenotes, strolling through the beautiful gardens of the hacienda, and exploring the history and architecture of the place. Additionally, the hacienda offers guided tours and the possibility of hosting special events on its premises.

Activity Recommended Number of People Approximate Price Location
Guided Tour of Hacienda Mucuyché Groups of 4 to 20 people $450 MXN per person Hacienda Mucuyché
Swimming in Cenote Carlota No limit Included in the entrance fee Cenote Carlota
Swimming in Cenote Azul No limit Included in the entrance fee Cenote Azul

Hotels and Apartments near the Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché

There are several options for accommodation near the Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché, ranging from luxury hotels to comfortable apartments and cabins. Here is a comparison table with some of the best options:

Hotel Number of Stars Approximate Price Location Main Amenities
Hacienda Ticum 4 stars $3,000 MXN per night Ticum, Yucatán Swimming pool, restaurant, spa, Wi-Fi
Hotel Boutique Casa Lecanda 4 stars $2,500 MXN per night Mérida, Yucatán Swimming pool, bar, Wi-Fi, air conditioning
Apartamentos Xcanatún 3 stars $1,500 MXN per night Xcanatún, Yucatán Kitchen, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, parking

Nearby Places of Interest to the Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché

In addition to the Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché, the Yucatán region offers numerous points of interest to explore, such as:

  • The Mayan ruins of Uxmal
  • The city of Mérida
  • The Convent Route
  • The Loltún Caves

Where to Eat at the Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché? Best Restaurants:

At Hacienda Mucuyché, there is a restaurant that offers delicious Yucatecan cuisine. You can also find restaurants and cafés in nearby towns and in the city of Mérida. Here is a comparison table of some of the best places to eat:

Restaurant Cuisine Approximate Price Location Top Dishes
Restaurante Hacienda Mucuych̩ Yucatecan Cuisine $250 Р$450 MXN per person Hacienda Mucuych̩ Cochinita pibil, sopa de lima, panuchos
Los Almendros Yucatecan Cuisine $200 – $400 MXN per person Mérida, Yucatán Papadzules, salbutes, queso relleno
Cafetería Kinich Café and Snacks $50 – $150 MXN per person Abalá, Yucatán Empanadas, coffee, smoothies

Precautions and Care at the Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché (Children)

  • Wear a face mask during the tour.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats.
  • Bring mosquito repellent.
  • If you wish to bring a camera (action cameras require an additional fee).
  • Bring an extra water bottle.
  • Respect social distancing guidelines.


How to Get to the Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché?

If you are traveling by car from the city of Mérida, you can take the exit to Umán and head along the Mérida-Campeche highway until you reach the intersection with Abalá, then continue straight until you reach the town of Mucuyché. Another option is to take the 42 sur exit and drive along the Mérida-Timucuy highway until you reach Hacienda Tekit de Regil, then turn onto calle 49 and continue following the signs until you reach Mucuyché. If you plan to arrive by public transportation, in Mérida, you should take the collective taxi that goes to Sacalum. You can board it at the San Juan Park, and confirm the departure and return times with the driver.