Cenote El Zacat贸n: The Subaquatic Jewel of Mexico

The Zacat贸n Sinkhole, located in Rancho El Nacimiento, near Aldama in Tamaulipas, is famous for being one of the deepest and most mysterious sinkholes in the world. It’s an incredible wonder of nature that is part of a complex system of sinkholes found on this ranch. The Zacat贸n Sinkhole is approximately 27 km southwest of the city of Aldama, Tamaulipas, and about 90 km west of Ciudad Victoria. Its impressive depth of over 330 meters has earned it worldwide fame and attracts explorers and professional divers from around the world. Visiting and diving in El Zacat贸n are subject to permits and authorization, as access to the sinkhole is on private property. Additionally, due to the inherent danger, immersion is only allowed for divers with high experience or scientific expeditions.

dos ojos sinkhole
blue sinkhole


馃 How to Get to the Zacat贸n Sinkhole?

馃殭 By Car

The Zacat贸n Sinkhole is a 2 hours and 50 minutes drive from Ciudad Victoria.
From the Tampico International Airport to the Zacat贸n Sinkhole is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes by car.

From Tampico to the Zacat贸n Sinkhole takes about 1 hour and 16 minutes by car.

馃殨 By Taxi

If you prefer a more relaxed journey, you can take a taxi from Ciudad Victoria, the Tampico International Airport, or Tampico to the sinkhole.
The estimated price varies, but is generally between $600 and $1200 Mexican pesos ($30-$60 USD) per trip, depending on the departure location.

馃殞 Bus Tour

For a comfortable and hassle-free experience, you can book a guided tour from your location. Many tours include transportation to the sinkhole, as well as visits to other nearby attractions. Some tours even include diving equipment and safety guide, as the Zacat贸n Sinkhole is famous for its depth.


馃馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 What to Do at the Zacat贸n Sinkhole?

Embark on a unique adventure at the Zacat贸n Sinkhole in Nacimiento, Mexico! This natural gem, full of mystery and beauty, invites you to an unforgettable experience with activities for everyone. Immerse yourself in its deep blue waters, marvel at the picturesque landscapes of the area, and be amazed by the biological diversity it hosts.
Dare to undertake exciting diving sessions to explore the unique marine life of this natural pit. With over 100 meters deep, The Zacat贸n is known among divers around the world for being the deepest sinkhole on the planet, providing maximum excitement to those underwater adventurers.

For an even more complete experience, opt for a guided tour that unveils the geological and ecological secrets of this astonishing natural phenomenon. From moments of challenge and exploration to delighting in the stunning natural landscape, the Zacat贸n Sinkhole presents itself as a paradise for explorers and adrenaline lovers.

Get ready to create unforgettable moments in Nacimiento, Mexico! Discover more about activities, costs, and schedules to plan your perfect day at the Zacat贸n Sinkhole. An adventure full of emotions and discoveries awaits you at this unparalleled destination!

Activity Activity Description Recommendations Approximate Price Booking
Swimming 馃強馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Zacat贸n Sinkhole, exploring its impressive underwater formations. Use of life jackets, especially for inexperienced swimmers. Included in the entrance fee. Use of life jackets, especially for inexperienced swimmers Included in the entrance fee Book
Snorkeling 馃た Discover the fascinating underwater life of the sinkhole while snorkeling. Explore its caves and marvel at the unique visibility. Recommended for those seeking a more advanced snorkeling experience $200-$300 Mexican pesos ($10-$15 USD) (equipment included) Book
Diving 馃殼 Dive to greater depths and explore the underwater caves of the Zacat贸n Sinkhole with a guided diving experience Diving certification required From $1,500 Mexican pesos ($75 USD) per dive Book
Exploration on Foot 馃毝 Take a guided walk along the trails around the sinkhole, learning about the local flora and fauna and the geological significance of the place Comfortable shoes and insect repellent recommended. Included in the entrance fee Included in the entrance fee Book

Excursion to the Aldama sinkholes 馃ゾ

With this excursion to the Aldama sinkholes, you will traverse an exceptional landscape inside Tamaulipas. A route through Mexico’s most dazzling geographical features. Wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and bring water From $121 USD Book
Zacat贸n Sinkhole
Xtoloc Sinkhole
Zacat贸n Sinkhole

馃彣 Where to Stay near Cenote El Zacat贸n?

Discover the options for accommodation near Cenote El Zacat贸n and find the perfect refuge for your stay! From charming hostels to luxury resorts, the area offers a variety of options for all tastes. Here we present a selection of accommodations with excellent value for money in the vicinity of Cenote El Zacat贸n:

Hotel Approximate Price per Night Proximity to Cenote El Zacat贸n Type of Accommodation Rating Booking

Chill Kanil

$79 USD/night 13 minutes by car to Cenote El Zacat贸n Hotel 9 points Book

Nahouse Jungle Lodges

$200 USD/night 16 minutes by car to Cenote El Zacat贸n House 9.3 points Book

Caleta Tankah

$155 USD/night 13 minutes by car to Cenote El Zacat贸n Hotel 8 points Book
Cenote Calavera HotelChill Kanil
Cenote Calavera HotelCaleta Tankah
Cenote Calavera HotelNahouse Jungle Lodges

馃椇 Places of Interest near Cenote El Zacat贸n

Discover the incredible region surrounding Cenote El Zacat贸n, where nature and adventure come together to provide you with a unique experience. Nearby, you’ll find Cenote La Pilita, another natural wonder with perfectly calm blue waters and tropical vegetation surrounding the cenote, adding a touch of serenity to your adventure in El Zacat贸n.
Additionally, you can travel short distances to explore adjacent underwater caves, which are habitats for various aquatic species. This place is ideal for expanding your diving expedition and providing you with more opportunities to marvel at the geological formations and rich biodiversity of the area.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the nearby El Cielo Biosphere Reserve, a lush conservation area where local fauna and flora species coexist. This reserve, with its incredible diversity and stunning views, will provide a perfect terrestrial counterpoint to your aquatic exploration in El Zacat贸n.

Finally, if you’re seeking an additional challenge, you can head to Pozo Azul, another cenote famous for its depths and ideal conditions for diving.

Embark on an exciting adventure near Cenote El Zacat贸n and discover the nearby treasures that are sure to captivate you!

Cenote La Pilita

Cenote La Pilita

El Cielo Biosphere Reserve

El Cielo Biosphere Reserve

馃尟 Where to Eat at Cenote El Zacat贸n?

Embark on an exceptional gastronomic experience near Cenote El Zacat贸n, where culinary diversity combines with the stunning nature of Nacimiento region, Mexico. Within a short distance of this extraordinary cenote, discover unique culinary options that will satisfy every palate. Immerse yourself in authentic and delicious flavors in a charming setting, turning your visit to Cenote El Zacat贸n into a complete experience that will captivate all your senses. Dive into the wonders of this area, exploring its splendid natural beauty and enjoying its exceptional gastronomic offerings.

Restaurant Type of Cuisine Proximity to Cenote El Zacat贸n

Pollo Feliz

Grilled Chicken 11-hour drive to Cenote El Zacat贸n

El Mes贸n del Taco

Mexican Tacos 1-hour drive to Cenote El Zacat贸n

Mariscos El Gordo

Mexican Seafood 1-hour drive to Cenote El Zacat贸n
Cenote el Zacat贸n BarPollo Feliz
Cenote el Zacat贸n BarEl Mes贸n del Taco
Cenote el Zacat贸n BarMariscos El Gordo

馃尋 Weather at Cenote El Zacat贸n

Cenote El Zacat贸n is located in Nacimiento region, Mexico, which features a subtropical climate. Overall, this region experiences high temperatures throughout the year but fluctuates with cooler weather during the nights. During the rainy season (May to October), occasional precipitation can be expected. The water at Cenote El Zacat贸n maintains a constant temperature of around 30鈩 throughout the year.

Dry Season (November to April) 鈽锔

Less rainfall.
Pleasant and warm temperatures.

Excellent visibility in the cenote can be expected.

Rainy Season (May to October) 馃導

Higher chance of rain, especially in the summer months.
Warm temperatures.

The landscape may be more lush due to the rains.

Tourist Season (December to March) 馃洨

High tourist season.
Dry weather and pleasant temperatures.